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The Christ Church M.P. Möller
Pipe Organ

 M.P. Möller

Christ Church is fortunate to have an excellent pipe organ, manufactured by M.P. Möller in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Möller organs went in to bankruptcy in the early 1990's and was purchased by a man who renamed it "King of Instruments".  They only built 3 organs.  This new company could not recover from the debt incurred, as Möller organs was dying and folded.

Allen Organ Company of Macungie, Pennsylvania, purchased the Möller Factory Records and the Opus List of all organs manufactured during the bankruptcy sale in Hagerstown.  This was done so that Allen would have a list of organs installed, their specifications and means and methods for contacting owners so that Allen could replace consoles, add electronic voices, etc.

The Christ Church Möller Organ, OPUS 11155, was manufactured in 1976 and dedicated on September 19, 1976.  The organ was dedicated in memory of the persons and other loved ones listed below.

Click here for a sample of Saint-Saëns: Danse Macabre as Ken Cowan plays the New St. Mary's College Organ (MP3 file).

Our original bells were built and installed in 1953 by Schulmerich Carillons, Inc., of Sellersville, Pennsylvania.   Schulmerich is now located near Syracuse, New York.  These bells were electronic, and were mounted on the top of the roof near the cross of the transept. 

The bells were replaced by a modern electronic system also produced by Schulmerich in 2003.  They were given to Christ Church by Dr. Brookins and Charlotte Taylor, and dedicated in memory of Virginia and Peter Dick Woods, parents of Charlotte Taylor.

If you are interested in finding out more about our pipe organ, please contact our rector, The Rev. M. Elizabeth Morgan, at 304-327-6861.

Thomas Blakely Baer, M.D.
Arabella Rigby Borden
Frances and Conrad Brevick
Ethel Angel Buchanan
John I Clingenpeel, Jr.
W.Battle Cole
Herbert Q. Cox
Louis A. Diehl
Rosalie May Eastham
Melvine Evans
Constance F. Fortune
Everett Lyle Gage, M.D.
Maud Williams Gomila
Harry Devine Holmes
Reva Adams Hoge
Bernard Howard, Jr.
James Gorden Hunter
Florence and William Jennings
C.I. Johnston, III
Andrew N. and
Anna Rock Krupey

Robert Andrew Lampton
Alonzo G. McCue, D.D.S.
James H. Martin
Elizabeth Tracy McQuail
Virginia C. Meachum
Walter Eugene Meachum
Lillian J. Osborn
Ann Carmines Payne
Julia McCue Sanders
James Carr Smith, Jr.
George E. Snider, M.D.
John (Jack) Strike
Alice Shirey Stringfellow
Bailey G. Stultz, Sr.
Isabel Curry Tracy
Thurman E. Vass, M.D.
Thelma Irene Kelly Whittington
Armistead L. Wellford
John T. Wilson
Ward Franklin Womack
Virginia Jenks Woods

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